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Wood and metal sculptures

Eugenio de la Torre´s work covers a wide range of artistic disciplines, it stands out the sculpture for being the one in which he identified himself more and the one which devote the major part of his life to.

In his work could be found different themes as it can be the seascape, musical instruments and the representation of nature and human beings. His work, far away of being realistic, combines forms in which we can recognize or sense, together with other that have an abstract nature, in which he played with iron and wood shapes to achieve compositions in which the materials seem to be dancing and developing a continuous communication among them. The spectator could discover, as observe the work, new and intriguing forms.

Next Exhibition

On the second of October 2015 it will be the first posthumous inauguration of the artist, which will take place in the Sala de Exposiciones Bryan Harley Robinson in the Finca el Portón, placed in Alhaurín de la Torre, where it could be visited for three months, ending the second of January 2016. In this exhibition would be display some of the most relevant works carried out by Eugenio De la Torre throughout his artistic development.

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